Perry Grayson - Guitar/Vocals
Greg Lindstrom - Bass/Keyboards
Darin McCloskey - Drums

OLD NEWS - Prior to Jan. 2004

The show at Johnny Foxx's has been postponed due to promoter error. They originally had us down to play Tues., Dec. 9th, but listed on their website that we were playing Dec. 12th. Considering we already handed out lots of flyers and this would cause a lot of confusion, we decided to reschedule the show. We'll keep you posted on when the new date will be. We're sorry to have to do this. We were really lookin' forward to the gig, but we promise that you'll be able to see us live in L.A. soon.

Me and Greg returned from the east coast in the afternoon on Thursday, 11/27. We had a blast rehearsing and recording out on the east coast. We finished what we set out to accomplish. All 10 songs for the Falcon album have been tracked. We expect to return to Maryland to mix within the next couple of months. Stay tuned for more info. Chris Kozlowski did an incredible job engineering, and we'd like to thank him again for his hospitality and hard work. Also, Darin did a killer job behind the kit, despite the fact that we haven't had more than like 6 rehearsals with him! I'd personally like to thank everyone involved (Greg, Darin, Chris, Sandy) for making it the best recording experience I've ever had! An especially huge thanks goes out to Greg Diener (guitarist/vocalist of Pale Divine) for loaning me his ol' Sunn Sceptre head for rehearsals. That amp rules! Some photos from our trip will be posted soon. Chris should be sending us rough mixes next week, and I'll post a clip ASAP. The one and only recording diary page that I wrote pretty much says the same thing as I've been typing here, but I might post that too. We're working on getting cover art squared away right now. I've contacted a couple of well-known artists, and will continue to pursue a killer cover right away, so we can get the album out without much delay once it's mixed and mastered. Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving!

The album recording is coming up in several days. We'll try to post an update while we're on the east coast if it's humanly possible. Meanwhile, we just bought our domain name ( and should be switching over at the end of the month. Another huge piece of news: Falcon will be playing its first live gig on Tuesday, December 9th at Johnny Foxx's in West L.A. with fellow heavy rockers Sasquatch. If you live in the Southern California area, please come check us out! A big thanks goes out to Andrew Sample for playin' drums for us out here so that we can play local shows--and to Darin for being so understanding. -Perry

You may have noticed some of the website changes, such as the new entrance page. Dig the cool reverse "Cirith Falcon" logo!

Some new pix on the PHOTOS page, including one of me with my Les Paul and one of our L.A. drummer pal Andrew Sample. Also new gear and a pic in Greg's profile. Some new soundclips should be on their way shortly.

A cool demo review by Dave Brenner from METAL MANIACS is now up on the PRESS page. We're busy doing some last minute pre-production stuff before we rush off to Maryland in November.

Just posted a little graphic I did for the hell of it on the PHOTOS page. Me and Greg are jammin' away to get ready for November. Our friend Andrew Sample has been helping us out by filling in on drums for a few practices.

Dates are confirmed and the flights are booked. Me and Greg fly out to Pennsylvania on Nov. 19th. Two days of wall-to-wall jamming, then drive down to Maryland to hit the studio for 5 more days. We're gonna bang this one out as quick as humanly possible!

I've been workin' on a few graphics for the site. Blending old Cirith Ungol artwork with new Falcon additions. Other things to look forward to soon: Falcon stickers and eventually t-shirts! Stay tuned... -Perry

Scheduling is underway for our album recording session. Tentative dates so far are November 22-26. Me and Greg will be flying out to Pennsylvania to rehearse with Darin a few days prior. Then we'll be driving out to Maryland to record with Chris Kozlowski at the helm. Looks like we're gonna record 10 songs. -Perry

This is what the track list looks like so far:
1. Shelob's Lair (Lindstrom)
2. Throwback (Grayson)
3. Downer (Grayson)
4. The Crying of Lot 246 (Grayson)
5. High Speed Love (Lindstrom)
6. Route 666 (Lindstrom)
7. Castle Peak (Grayson)
8. On the Slab (Grayson)
9. Half Past Human (Lindstrom)
10. Bonus: Bang's "Redman" (Gilcken/Ferrara/D'Iorio)

Falcon is currently selecting a song to cover for The Miskatonic Foundation's TRIBUTE TO THE NEW WAVE OF BRITISH HEAVY METAL compilation. -Perry

In keeping with the '70s spirit of Falcon, I just bought a 1976 Les Paul. The perfect heavy rockin' raw axe. Pix to come soon. -Perry

Plans for the Falcon album are shaping up. We're talking to engineer Chris Kozlowski about the production and scheduling right now. Should have a date set for the sessions soon. -Perry

I'd like to personally thank everyone who's reviewed or ordered the demo and spread the word about Falcon! We really appreciate the support. There are a number of exciting things being talked about in the Falcon camp right now. First off, we're planning on recording our full-length album in November (whether we've got a label or not). Secondly, Metal Coven Records in Germany are talking to us right now about the possibility of releasing a 7" split single with one side from the British band Triarchy, and one side of Falcon material. Probably "Shelob's Lair" when it's re-recorded. Meanwhile, we have some more pre-production work to do before we hit the studio. We'll be doing that for the most part by mail. Ah, the wonders of modern technology! -Perry

Just got back from Germany not too long ago. A new review is posted on the press page. More news soon!

More demo reviews are up on the Press page.

Another demo review is now up on the Press page. More to come very soon.

The demo is now available to the public. See the main page for ordering info. More reviews should be on the way later this week, followed by an interview or two soon.

Promos went out to Europe last week. Still a few odd places to hit, but tons lots of discs are circulating. The first review of the demo just came in from Ray Dorsey at CHAOS REALM. You might remember reading Ray's liner notes to the Roadrunner BUDGIE reissue CDs in the early '90s. Check it out on the PRESS page.

Promos of the demo went out to our U.S. mailing list this week. I'm mailing overseas promos of the demo out on Saturday afternoon. -Perry

A clip of "Downer" is now available on the AUDIO page. The demo inlay sheet is done. Mags, zines and labels get in touch for a promo. -Perry

A clip of "On the Slab" is now available on the AUDIO page. The demo is done. Layout of the inlay sheet is under way. Demos should go out in the mail next week. -Perry

The vox for the final demo tune, "On the Slab," are finally done. Just a bit of mixing to be done before the demo's ready to make the rounds! -Perry

P here again! MP3 clips of "The Crying of Lot 246" and "Shelob's Lair" from the demo sessions are now up on the AUDIO page. Check 'em out—if you dare! Also, don't forget to take a peek at those groovy vintage Cirith Ungol pix of Greg jammin' on his Ampeg Dan Armstrong bass on his profile page. "I've got my rock 'n' roll haircut/I've got my rock 'n' roll jeans..."

Perry here. Vocals are done on 3 of the demo tunes, and I've mixed those 3 down. One more song left to track vocals on, then it'll be done. The LINKS page is up now.

Added a soundclip of the 1st verse of "Throwback" from the 11/02 rough drum machine demo. Check out the AUDIO page. LINKS page coming soon. More work on the new demo will be done this Saturday.

Perry here again. More tweaking has been done to the site. You might notice a few little changes. Tomorrow me and Greg will work on more overdubs for the demo.

Profiles are up. Find out about all 3 of the dudes in Falcon.

Perry here. The rehearsal demo's comin' along fine. I was hard at work on guitar overdubs Saturday afternoon. I have one more solo left to track, then I can tackle the vocals. After we recorded the 4 tunes, I realized that the bass on "Downer" was peaking too much (way in the reds), so he's gonna retrack that one soon. I'll post MP3 clips as the tunes are completed. The first two should be "The Crying of Lot 246" and "On the Slab."

Look for all 3 Falcon member profiles tomorrow.

The photos page is up. Check out a few pix from the Falcon rehearsals of 3/28 - 3/30!

The site's up, but many of the accompanying pages are still in the works. A lot of stuff will be added as time permits. Thanks for bearin' with us!