Perry Grayson - Guitar/Vocals
Greg Lindstrom - Bass/Keyboards
Darin McCloskey - Drums




3 June 2020:

The long-awaited Falcon rarities collection, Heavy Rawkin' Rare has finally been released digitally on Bandcamp. The URL is We have also uploaded the entire set from Falcon's March 14, 2004 gig at Spaceland in LA to YouTube for your viewing pleasure! The link is https: -P

9 March 2012:

Greg Lindstrom, Darin McCloskey and I gathered in L.A. in late November to work on songs for the third full-length album. We recorded basic tracks for three demos, and I'll be overdubbing vocals and lead guitar soon. We're excited about the new tunes, and hope to convene Stateside later in the year to record the real deal.

Also, I am now co-editing a new horror, fantasy and crime/mystery themed site called Worlds of Weird with my former dual-axe team partner Dan DeLucie from Destiny's End. The URL is Squawk and rawk! -P

6 December 2010:

A month ago I started a new blog, The Falcon's Fortress, to share rare audio and video from past bands and musical endeavors. There's a ton of Destiny's End and Artisan material up for download, along with metal meanderings and the stories behind the music. The URL is Enjoy! -P  

31 October 2010:

Just posted some video of us jammin' "The Crying of Lot 246," on our official YouTube channel here: The footage was taken at our third gig (with Maryland doomsters Earthride) on March 14, 2004, at Spaceland in Silverlake, CA by friend Steve Aschenbrenner and his wife. Steve also helped a bit with live sound, and once upon a time recorded/mixed a tune for Artisan back in 2002. Thanks again for the vid and valuable assistance, Steve! Should have more vids from this gig comin' soon.  

13 October 2010:

Perry here! Van's Doomsday II set in Sydney was a success. Cheers to Acid King, Nathan, Mal and Benny for the opportunity to jam. Heaps/tons of loud fun, and great to catch up with many of my rawkin' Aussie pals. I've just made Falcon's version of the Cirith Ungol classic "Edge of a Knife" available for streaming on our Reverbnation page (click here). It's a little taste of the future Falcon rarities collection. Engineered by yours truly in the Falcon rehearsal room in Downtown L.A., late '05 with vocals and lead guitar overdubs in early '06. Mixed by me and Greg Lindstrom. Drums on this one courtesy of Andrew Sample. Enjoy!  

24 August 2010:

Perry here! Some cool news on the Australian front. Sydney stoner rockers Van have asked me to play lead guitar for them when they support San Francisco's Acid King on October 2nd at the Doomsday II festival at the Newtown RSL! Having seen Acid King in L.A. and SF many times, I can safely say the Land Down Unda is in for a treat. Also, I'm stoked to be sharing the stage with my pals Daredevil. Meanwhile, I'm still working on a bit more material for Falcon album No. 3!

18 June 2010:

Some good news for Falcon fans! First off, we now have an official Falcon YouTube channel located at The first video was uploaded earlier this week. It's none other than Greg Lindstrom's lost Cirith Ungol gem "Shelob's Lair" performed live in Tarzana, CA, on March 4, 2004. It was the second Falcon gig ever, so pretty rough 'n' raw, but it'll give you the idea of what Falcon's like live! There were some killer gigs that followed, but we only have video of our second and third shows. Cheers to our pal Mel Sisneros for shooting the vid on 3/4/04. Secondly, our cover of Greg L.'s CU classic "Edge of a Knife" recorded in our L.A. jam room in early 2006, has been added to the Music Player on the official Falcon Facebook page at"Edge of a Knife" will definitely be on our future demos/rarities collection.

18 May 2010:

As many of you have already heard from various other posts on the web, the band I co-founded last year with a few Sydney musicians, Moonshine, has parted ways. I can assure you that it's for the best. Thanks to all who showed up at the gigs and offered their support. At the moment my good pals Greg Lindstrom, Darin McCloskey and I are working on pre-production for the third Falcon album. I've also been in touch with recording engineer Chris Kozlowski, and he will again be on-board to make sure the vintage vibes are preserved in the studio. More news comin' at you soon. Stay tuned!!

Heavy Rockin' Raw Regards,


21 Jan 2010:

It has come to our attention that the Headbanger's Open Air Festival has been advertising a confirmed appearance by "Greg Lindstrom and Friends" on their 2010 bill and Falcon on the HOA Warm-Up gig. This is not true. While the HOA fest did contact us and discuss the possibility of Falcon (Greg Lindstrom, Perry Grayson and Darin McCloskey) playing a set of Cirith Ungol classics at the fest itself and a full Falcon set at the Warm-Up gig, no contracts were ever signed and no flights were booked. No offense to the HOA organizers, but these arrangements were never confirmed. HOA tickets were, however, sold under the pretense that "Greg Lindstrom and Friends" would be performing. In the music business agreements are made in writing via contracts. Until the paper is signed by both parties nothing is confirmed. I am always on top of posting news on our various sites and making press releases. If any gig or event is ever confirmed the news gets posted quickly. You'll all notice that there was never an announcement made by me or any of the other Falcon members regarding HOA 2010. That is because there was no confirmation. It is best not to count your chickens before they hatch. Read: "don't get ahead of yourselves." We regret that Cirith Ungol and Falcon fans were in any way misled, but that is out of our control. Thanks for understanding!

Best Heavy Rawkin' Wishes for 2010 and Beyond,

Perry (on behalf of Greg Lindstrom and Darin McCloskey)


27 May 2009:

Better late than never! Ex-Metal Maniacs scrivener Keith Bergman reviewed Falcon's Die Wontcha on As Blabbermouth is perhaps the most visible heavy rock 'n' metal site, it's a big coup. Cheers for the review, Keith! Click here to read the review on Blabbermouth, and don't forget to take a few minutes to give Die Wontcha a good User Rating and leave a cool comment while you're at it too!

27 Oct 2008:

Added another review of Die Wontcha from Lamentations of the Flame Princess. Falcon logo patches are currently available from Doom Metal Patches. Perry and Greg recently met up in L.A. to work on some new Falcon material.

30 July 2008:

There are a few stellar reviews up in the Press section courtesy of, Ray's Realm and More are sure to follow, along with some interviews. Die Wontcha is selling steadily. Thus far it is being distributed in the U.S. by, in Germany by Hellion Records and Metal on Wheels, in Sweden by Record Heaven and Sweden Rock Shop, in England by Black Tears, in Ireland by Pariah Child and in Italy by My Graveyard Productions. As always, you can support Falcon directly by ordering straight from us on the Merch page here.

We would like to thank our pal Karl Simon from The Gates of Slumber for flying the Falcon flag high and sporting his Falcon shirt in The Gates of Slumber video for "Trapped in the Web," which is currently airing on MTV2 and online.

Just added a killer old Italian review of the self-titled Falcon CD from

Perry recently had a jam with Dave Tice (Buffalo) and friends at the Merton Estate Hotel in Sydney. Pics to come soon.

6 May 2008 (Edited 8 May):

Die Wontcha was released today. The Australian pressing of the CD is available for sale on the merch page here. We hope all you Falcon fans think the second album was worth the wait! More changes to the Falcon website and MySpace profile are on the way, including new sound clips, photos, etc. Reputable mags and webzines get in touch for promos. Email info AT falconband DOT net. Die Wontcha reviews will be posted as they come in. May 8th update: We made errors in the pricing on the Merchandise page. We are honoring the prices we initially posted for all orders already placed. We apologize, but the new prices take into account escalating shipping and handling charges.


28 February 2008:

As it appeared on, and elsewhere...

FALCON, the raw heavy rock power trio featuring guitarist/vocalist Perry Grayson (ex-DESTINY'S END, ARTISAN, ISEN TORR and Metal Maniacs scribe), bassist/keyboardist Greg Lindstrom (CIRITH UNGOL) and drummer Darin McCloskey (PALE DIVINE, will release its second full-length CD, Die Wontcha, in April on Liquid Flames Records.

The cover of Die Wontcha, a full-color painting by renowned fantasy artist Virgil Finlay, can be viewed at

"We had some delays on the artwork front, but that's all been sorted out," Perry Grayson says.

A clip of the new track "Careless" can be heard on the entrance page to FALCON's web site.

Die Wontcha was recorded at the Polar Bear Lair in Middletown, Maryland by Chris Kozlowski (PENTAGRAM, BLUE CHEER, INTERNAL VOID, PENANCE, THE OBSESSED, SPIRIT CARAVAN, CLUTCH, EARTHRIDE, etc.) October 21-29, 2006. Basic tracks (rhythm guitar, bass and drums) were recorded live, the same way FALCON tackled their 2004 debut album, adding to the spontaneous and vintage vibe inherent in the band's sound. The album was co-produced by FALCON and Chris Kozlowski.

Die Wontcha track listing:
01. Jimmy Clark
02. Elfland's Daughter
03. Corporate Whore
04. The Wreck of the John Deere (instrumental)
05. Falcon
06. No Future
07. Careless
08. Everything There Is To Know
09. Show You All
10. Leader (BUFFALO cover)

A specially remixed version of FALCON's cover of the BUFFALO (Australia) song "Leader" will appear on the BUFFALO tribute CD on Blood & Iron Records.

12 October 2007:

More delays in releasing Die Wontcha, but nothing that will prevent us from putting it out soon. Falcon is alive and well! I was emailing with Darin a while back and it seems we both have the same philosophy these days: "All things in good time." Moving sucks, any way you slice it, much less moving to another continent on the other side of the globe. Now that I'm actually settled in Down Under I can concentrate on getting Die Wontcha wrapped up. I've had a few good chats with Chris Kozlowski recently about him mastering the tunes, and I've secured the services of my old work pal Jerry Newhard to do the CD design and layout.
I rarely get on M[urdoch]ySpace these days, so I decided to issue an update here on our own site. The web filter at my job disables most social networking sites. I'm only bummed when it prevents me from keeping in touch with close friends. It'll be time for an overhaul of this site once Die Wontcha is ready.


Now that life is getting "back on track" I've begun searching for a bassist and drummer for my new Sydney-based vintage heavy rock power trio. I have an ad running in Drum Media for the next month. This in no way signifies the end of FALCON. FALCON is my baby (and my band name). When I joined forces with Greg Lindstrom I found the perfect collaborator; it became pretty much a 50/50 split. Out of respect to Greg I couldn't see replacing him and continuing Down Under as FALCON. I'll use a different name for my new Australian band. I've got a few names in mind already. I will play my FALCON tunes along with new songs in my Oz-based band. Stylistically it's pretty much the same. On the other hand, I'm not ruling out the possibility of FALCON playing gigs and recording in the future. Greg, Darin and I will try to do that whenever humanly possible. It really depends on whether we get invited to hit the road for festivals or a brief European tour that will cover our rehearsal and travel expenses. My new band in Sydney will be more functional in the sense of gigging. I plan on playing more gigs and doing my fair share of traveling around Australia and wherever else it's possible to play.


Interested Aussie bassists and drummers in the Sydney, NSW area can email me at perry AT falconband DOT net. I've already gotten plenty of responses and will be auditioning people soon. If you dig loud, raw, bluesy heavy rock from the 1960s and '70s like Sabbath, Thin Lizzy, Free, Blue Cheer, Pentagram, Trapeze, Budgie, Bang, Captain Beyond, Purple, Wishbone Ash, Cactus, Dust, Aerosmith, Rush, Zep, Bloodrock, Hard Stuff, Bubble Puppy, Demian, etc., I'd like to hear from ya!


11 May 2007:

Apologies for the lack of updates, but things have been in a state of chaos for several months due to my move to Sydney, Australia. There was a press release about our second album, Die Wontcha, and my big move, that appeared on,, Bravewords & Bloody Knuckles. There have been some fairly recent updates to the Falcon MySpace profile at, including plenty of blogging and info on the recording of our forthcoming second album, Die Wontcha. Clearance was just secured for use of the Virgil Finlay painting chosen for the cover. Once the layout and mastering are done the CD will be ready for pressing.


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