Perry Grayson - Guitar/Vocals
Greg Lindstrom - Bass/Keyboards
Darin McCloskey - Drums


Long time no update. Be sure to check out Falcon on MySpace for anything between this bit of news and the last one.
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The six songs we recorded in March with Andrew Sample on drums are nearly done. We did the basic tracks live—that's the ONLY way to record Falcon—of course. A few overdubs to finish up, then it's mixing time. The six tunes are: "Throwback", "Downer," "Everything There is To Know," "Edge of a Knife" (Cirith Ungol), "Bad Scene" and "Johanna" (an Iggy & the Stooges cover). The reason behind doing "Throwback" and "Downer" again is 'cause Andrew and Darin play the tunes different than each other. So, we thought we'd give you a chance to hear what those sound like with Andrew drumming.

Again, mega thanks to Darin for coming out to LA in April to jam and gig with us! We had a blast. Pictures from the show to come soon.


Long time no news... Two new gigs on the shows page. Check 'em out there for exact info. On Saturday 4/1 I'll be playing a coupla Skynyrd covers with Scott Spaulding (drums) and Cody Lee (bass) from High Horse at the Lynyrd Skynyrd Katrinathon. Sunday 4/23 will be the next Falcon gig. We're really lookin' forward to this one, as it'll be Darin McCloskey's first show playing drums for Falcon. Darin will be in L.A. for a few days also to rehearse material for the upcoming second Falcon album with us. So, April will be a busy month for Falcon...

At the same time Greg and I have to wish Andrew Sample all the best with his move to Kansas and his future music endeavors. It's been a great 2-1/2 years jammin' with Andrew in L.A. He made it possible for Falcon to play shows, seeing as Darin lives nearly 3,000 miles away. We recently took the opportunity to record the basic tracks (live) for several tunes with Andrew for the future Falcon "odds & sods" collection. Greg and I should be doing our overdubs on this stuff soon (vocals, lead guitar and keys). Thanks again, Andrew, for rockin' with us and makin' Falcon a functioning band in L.A. We couldn't have done it without you! -P

Just time for a quick show update. We're playing with Weedeater, Jumbos Killcrane, Crom, Butcher & Bull Lee at Zen Sushi in Silverlake on Tuesday, Dec. 6th (that's tomorrow!!!).
Download the flyer for the gig by clicking here!

Keep it loud and bloopy! -P

Short notice, but we had to drop off the bill for the show with The Atomic Bitchwax today. Drummer Andrew injured his bass drum foot, so we're unable to play the gig. Sorry to have to post this news. We hope to hook another show up for our SoCal fans soon. Once, again, apologies for the last-minute notice. Keep it rawkin'! -P

Currently going more deaf to the meat & potatoes of my collection:
Mountain - CLIMBING
Cirith Ungol - FROST & FIRE
Dust - S/T

Long time no news. We've got a gig comin' up on Monday, November 14th at the Knitting Factory in Hollyweird with The Atomic Bitchwax, House of Broken Promises (ex-Unida guitarist Arthur Seay's new band) and Watch Me Burn. I've been busy moving (it sucks until you're settled in), which is always an adventure. Still workin' on some pre-production stuff and also planning on cutting some recordings on our own in our jam room before heading out east to record the second Falcon album.

Spin, Spin, Spun:
The Best of TASTE
Quicksilver Messenger Service - HAPPY TRAILS
Blackwater Park


We've been getting some good jams in preparing for our gig with Slough Feg on July 27th (next Wednesday!) at the Knitting Factory. And, on a very cool note, I'm happy to say that Falcon has a full page color interview feature in the September issue of VINTAGE GUITAR MAGAZINE. Special thanks to Ken Johnson for this cool opportunity. Pick your copy up at newsstands and bookstores everywhere! And again, thanks to all who came out to the Stooge-athon to rock out with us.

Recently spun discs:
Grand Funk - ON TIME
Roky Erickson & the Aliens - THE EVIL ONE
Manilla Road
Wishbone Ash - S/T

Recently viewed flicks:



Several weeks of silence... Seems like it's always like that after a tour. We've been busy booking more gigs, practicing new tunes and gettin' back in the swing of things. Falcon's playing the Stooge-a-thon at Zen in Silver Lake, CA, on Thursday, June 30th along with our rehearsal roommates Backbiter and a bunch of other bands. For those of you who don't know what the hell the Stooge-a-thon is, it's a little event organized by our pal Laurie Es. Tons of cool acts playing two Iggy & the Stooges (or just Iggy solo) tunes each. We'll be getting heavy rockin' raw with "Shake Appeal" off RAW POWER and "Johanna" (a rare Stooges track that never made it on an LP until Iggy went solo). Also, we've just been confirmed for a cool gig opening for my friends The Lord Weird Slough Feg on July 27th at the Knitting Factory in Hollyweird. Hope to see some of you at the shows.

Dark gray Falcon shirts are now back in stock, as are buttons (for a limited time only).


'ey People--

I returned last Friday in the a.m. (the small hours) to L.A. after three weeks of music mayhem. Spent about 4 days in Pennsylvania before the Pale Divine / Rising Dust / Place of Skulls tour rehearsing with Pale Divine, then another day or so in PA after the tour was over. And for two weeks we were overseas in Europe. We played Germany, Belgium and Holland, not to mention seeing a wee bit of Austria ('cause we flew into/out of there).

Overall I had a blast. The Doom Shall Rise III Fest was amazing. The biggest gig I've played in a long time. The Belgian Doom Night was also killer, even if a slightly smaller crowd. It was a pleasure playing with Rising Dust (mega thanks to the RD dudes for letting us use their backline) and Place of Skulls. On a very personal note, it was mindblowing to share the same stage as one of my biggest guitar heroes, Victor Griffin (Place of Skulls, Pentagram). I was up front every night going nuts to PoS' set, being particularly moved by their cover of The Animals' "Please Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood".

Felt very comfortable playin' the "four string motherfucker", despite the fact that I consider myself a guitarist/vocalist first and foremost. But I guess you can add bassist to my resume now. Ha! I worked long and hard for several months to learn the Pale Divine tunes and then for another few days in PA to adjust to a few live nuances and correct a few things my ears had misinterpreted. Without a doubt, I had an incredible tour jammin' with Darin McCloskey (drums) and Greg Diener (guitar/vocals)--true doom brothers and phenomenal musicians!!

And of course it goes without saying that I met up with lots of old friends and made some new ones along the way. Victor, Dennis and Tim (Place of Skulls)... You made my fuckin' year! Gettin' to see PoS every night was a dream come true. Like the ol' Bang song, "Keep on!" Karl, Jason & Chuck from The Gates of Slumber played with us a few times, and we got to see them the night before our tour kicked off. Yes, more true doom bros, and--yes!--they kicked major ass on stage! Thee Plague of Gentlemen... super heavy, sludgy metal with that avant garde approach one can only compare to Celtic Frost in their prime. Cheers Steve, Fred, Steve & Eddie! Gorilla Monsoon and Burning Saviors too... Cool bands that shouldn't be overlooked.

Count Raven completely blew me away at the Belgian Doom Night. I'd been waiting to see those Swedish doom kings for over a decade, and they didn't disappoint! Got to see Gent Belgium in the week hours of the morning after that. Probably the only time I got to meander around what with the hectic tour schedule.

Now what I've been dreading since reaching U.S. soil is at hand... I must go back to work, to the "day job". Work is what it is, any way you slice it. It's definitely very frustrating to go back to mundane work after having been out on the road playing music for a few weeks. So it goes, I suppose. I've gotta make a living like anyone else. And music ain't payin' the bills. Only the chosen few seem to make a living off music. I SPENT money to go to Europe on tour. I desperately needed a change of pace from slaving day in and day out. I feel it definitely did some good for me, although now it's back to the proverbial grind, like it or not. But for two weeks it was, for the most part, doom rockin' bliss.

If only I could've brought Falcon out to Europe! I'm dying to do that. People were inquiring why we couldn't make it, but of course I totally support my heavy rockin' brother Greg Lindstrom, and there was no way I was gonna do that without him at this point in time. Hopefully the possibility of a Euro Falcon tour will arise again, and all three of us will be able to venture out. The treatment overseas is so much better for the most part than it is in most places you go to in the U.S. Certainly better than L.A. L.A. can be a very fickle town where music is concerned. The Sunset Strip can really get you down sometimes (although hangin' out at the Rainbow is a different story)...

Not sure exactly what's in store, but hopefully Falcon will be rockin' some gigs in the L.A. area over the next few months. If Pale Divine needs me to play bass for the Templars of Doom fest in Indianapolis in July, I'd love to go. But for now it's back to work and some "old routines". The only thing I can do, I suppose, is to try my damnedest and push towards new frontiers, new worlds for old...

Heavy Rockin' Raw Regards,



4/6/05: Two more days until zero hour. I’ve been swamped with a million things that needed to be done before leaving for the Pale Divine tour. You’ll notice on the merch page that shirts are temporarily unavailable. More will be done up when I get back from Europe. In the meantime, what little stock we have will be going with me on tour so that some lucky European fans can buy ’em at the Pale Divine gigs. We have another new shirt design with the demo cover picture on it. It’s sort of a faded retro style on a gray shirt. Buttons are also temporarily unavailable, but we’ll get another order when I’m back off the road. Please bear with us on any merch orders until the beginning of May, since I’ll be on the road. It might take about 6-8 weeks to receive your stuff if you order in the middle of April. I’ll be back at the beginning of May. If it’s possible to post a road report while I’m gone I’ll do it, but more than likely the next time you hear from me here will be in May. Thanks, Falcon fans! Perry out!


3/30/05: Just prepping to fly off to Pennsylvania to rehearse with Greg Diener and Darin for the Pale Divine/Place of Skulls/Rising Dust tour. I leave next Friday (4/8) for PA, and after a few days of rehearsing we'll shove off for Europe. Can't wait! I was stoked to find out that Place of Skulls was going to take Falcon's place on the tour, 'cause it means getting to see Victor Griffin & co. live like 9 times! And besides PoS I'm dying to see The Gates of Slumber and Reverend Bizarre. Should be a blast. Can't wait to get away from the drudgery of mundane work for 3 weeks. Lots of last minute things to do before I can depart for PA, but I wish I was leaving tomorrow! Should have one last Falcon jam before I shove off. If all goes well Falcon should have some gigs coming up in May and June in Southern California. Stay tuned! –P


3/14/05: Thanks to all the folks who came out to the Big Pink House on 3/5 and to Zen Sushi on 3/11. We really appreciate the support, and it gives us enormous pleasure to see you rockin' out to the Falcon tunes. Friday 3/5 was the second keg party I've played ever. First was when I was 19!? Needless to say this one was a lot more fulfilling. Including my little Spinal Tap incident--a la Derrick Smalls (Harry Shearer)!? Likewise thanks are due to Scott Spaulding, Mark and Foggy from High Horse for putting us on the bill with them and our pals Shakey Mallard (big heavy rockin' raw thanks to the Mallards as well) at Zen on 3/11 (coincidentally my 30th b-day). Without a doubt we played better at Zen than at the party, but both gigs were a blast! It's good to be "back on the horse".

Just got my Gibson SG back from my pal and repair tech Ed Laing (who took my place in Artisan), and I have to say I'm really diggin' it more than ever, which is why I played it at Zen. (Shakey Mallard mainman Dave James sold me the SG, and I can definitely see why it was his main axe for a long time!) Thanks, Ed! You rule! While I'm at it, I'll give a shout out to Mike Bear and Justin Bouchee, my ol' bandmates from Artisan. Can't forget Ana Greco and Matt Conley. Thanks, guys, for understanding! You knew my heart was in Falcon...

Tough times right now... Tough times are what the music of the late sixties and early seventies grew out of, and the same can be said for our music. Shitty times for the U.S. and the world as a whole. Not to mention for most individual people like you and me. Music definitely keeps us strong during these rough periods. Sometimes it's all we've got.  That considered, I've been finishing up a new tune called "No Future".

I'll leave you with a few lines from a tune we've been playing live now for almost a year... I get goosebumps everytime I sing it.

"Maybe I've gotta get hurt / Maybe that's what I need / 'Cause I've got music in my bloodstream / Sometimes I can't seem to bleed / I don't care laugh at me / It's better than being ignored / Any way I'm used to it / That's what fools are for" - Mr. Greg Lindstrom, "Edge of a Knife" from Cirith Ungol's FROST AND FIRE (1981)



3/1/05: We have two gigs comin' up. The first is a keg party at drummer Andrew's pad and the second is a show at Zen Sushi in Silver Lake (LA) with Shakey Mallard and High Horse. Hope to see some of you there! Should have some more reviews comin' in shortly. Look out for a VINTAGE GUITAR interview with me and Greg. –P


1/27/05: Meant to give this update on the site several days ago. Very busy at work right now. Some bad news regarding the European tour in April... Falcon will not be going. Pale Divine will though, and I will still play bass for them. Here's the Falcon newsletter email that went out on 1/21/05:

Hey Falcon Fans

Perry here...

It's with a heavy heart that I have to announce that Falcon will be unable
to make the European tour dates we originally planned for April. Greg
Lindstrom has a family emergency right now that's going to prevent him from
making the trip. His dad is really ill. For as long as Greg is willing to
jam with me, Falcon is Perry & Greg. There will be no exceptions. Greg is
NOT expendable. I'm not disappointed in Greg at all, and I'm sure he's just
as bummed that he won't get to play for the European fans. Rather than crap
all over the Falcon name and get a fill-in, I decided to stick to the
initial plan of playing bass for Pale Divine on the Euro trek (since Pale
Divine bassist Jim Corl was unable to make the trip—seems a lot of folks
have similar family obligations). Family comes first! Darin McCloskey (Pale
Divine & Falcon drummer), Andrew Sample (Falcon's L.A. live drummer) and I
wish Greg all the best and we're hoping his dad makes a speedy recovery.

Pale Divine and Rising Dust (France) will still be touring in April, as I
said. Darin, Greg Diener (Pale Divine guitarist/vocalist) and I look forward
to meeting many of you at the Doom Shall Rise Festival and the other stops
on the road in Germany, Belgium in Holland. Falcon will definitely play some
local dates in L.A. in 2005, and we'll keep you posted on our site. Beyond
that we're all hoping Falcon can plan another trip to Europe in the near

Thanks for your support and understanding!

Heavy Rockin' Raw!



Happy New Year! The European tour plans are shaping up nicely. There are some updates to the dates on the SHOWS page.


More good news: Falcon has been added to the DOOM SHALL RISE III FESTIVAL lineup. Thanks Jochen! Also, thanks to all of the folks who have mentioned Falcon in their top ten (fifteen, twenty, whatever!?) of 2004!!


Today is the third anniversary of Chuck Schuldiner's death. I'd like to personally take the time out to remember him on the Falcon site with this little news update.

Though most knew Chuck as a purveyor of some of the heaviest metal on the planet, it was very clear that he believed in keeping the tradition of metal (loud, heavy AND melodic)--which was started in the early '70s--alive. As a matter of fact, I remember Chuck comparing Control Denied singer Tim Aymar to Deep Purple vocalist Ian Gillan around the time THE FRAGILE ART OF EXISTENCE was released.

Though Falcon's a far cry from Death or Control Denied, I still have much to thank Chuck for. While Joe Perry & Brad Whitford were the guitarists who got me itching to play guitar, Chuck's music and lyrics are what kept me going when I really needed the encouragement. It pains me deeply to be faced with the thought that Chuck's no longer with us and that there will be no new music from one of the most gifted people to ever grace the metal scene. I hope someday to hear the hitherto unreleased second Control Denied album completed properly by Chuck's friends Steve DiGiorgio, Shannon Hamm and Tim Aymar. My best wishes go out to Jane and the Schuldiner family today. I'll be blasting as many Death and Control Denied albums as possible today in honor of a true metal pioneer and talented human being. Rest in peace, metal brother! If you're reading this and surfing around the web, please go to the official Death and Control Denied site, EMPTYWORDS.ORG and remember this truly unique guitarist.  –P


Okay! We'd like to congratulate Angela & Greg Lindstrom on the birth of their son, Benjamin!!! Should have some more reviews for you soon.  –P


Still more reviews just posted on the PRESS page. Gotta get some links to interviews going when time permits. We did get interviewed by a number of webzines and mags, including Metal Obsession (Germany), The Vault (Yugoslavia) and Behind the Veil (Greece). There's also a nice Fast Forward feature on Falcon in the current Metal Maniacs (thanks a million, Sue!).

European Falcon fans can get their CDs through a number of dealers/distributors: Black Tears (England), Hellion Records (Germany), Iron Pegazus (Germany), Record Heaven (Sweden) and Eat Metal Records (Greece). In the U.S. there are also a number of folks stocking the Falcon disc, including's All That's Heavy Store, Hellride Music, Brainticket Records, Bionic Records and Amoeba Records (Hollywood, CA). As always, we'd like to encourage everyone who doesn't already own the Falcon CD to order directly from us, the band!

In other big news, there are plans underway for Falcon to do a mini tour of Europe in April with Pale Divine and Rising Dust from France. Originally Darin asked me to fill in on bass in Pale Divine for the tour, which I was quick to jump on. A great opportunity, since I love Pale Divine. Darin and I got to thinking that it wouldn't take much to get the other 1/3 of Falcon out to Europe at the same time. So, it looks like me and Darin will be pulling double duty with Pale Divine and Falcon—two sets on most nights. We were concerned that Greg might not be available, 'cause he's gonna be a new dad soon. But Greg decided that if all goes well he'll be able to do the tour. The dates are in the process of being booked. A few of them have been confirmed, with several left to iron out. We'll keep you posted on the SHOWS page.

Again, we'd like to wish Greg and Angela Lindstrom the best of luck with their son, who should be arriving any day now! -P


More reviews are posted on the PRESS page. Should have some interview links to post soon!


Reviews of the CD are comin' in. Several are posted on the PRESS page. More reviews to come, without a doubt. We'd like to thank all the folks who've already reviewed the disc.

For those who are unable to order directly from FALCON (hint, hint!), there are a number of record dealers worldwide who already stock the CD or will be getting it in shortly. They include: Record Heaven (Sweden), Hellride Music (U.S.), Brainticket Records (U.S.), Black Tears (England), Hellion Records (Germany),'s All That's Heavy Store and CDBaby (U.S.). There should be more dealers to add to the list within the next few weeks. We'll keep you posted. The CD is not available in major chain music stores, so PLEASE don't hesitate to order from us via Paypal or the regular ol' mail order method (money order or well-concealed cash).

Still trying to organize a CD release party here in L.A. It should be happening towards the end of October if all goes well.

Work on new material continues. Greg has a brand new tune (not an old Ungol song) called "Everything You Need To Know..." We're hoping to whip the new tunes into shape and record another full-length album by Summer 2005. We have a few little rarities that might make a good 7" single, but we haven't confirmed anything on a single yet. There's also some live video footage that we might throw onto a DVD at a later date. Definitely lots to look forward to.

I'd like to take this opportunity to congratulate Greg and his wife Angela. They've got a baby boy due to be born at the end of November, their first. I wasn't surprised when Greg mentioned he was thinking of the name in Ferrari! ;P


Some miscellaneous updates to the site's appearance over the past coupla days. The discography page is now up. The news has been separated into current (2004) and an archive for all prior news. The Press page has been split up between reviews of the debut CD and the 2003 demo.

CD and shirt orders are comin' in steadily. We'd like to thank all of you who ordered for the support, and hope listeners realize they'll be directly helping FALCON by ordering the CD from us. A mound of promos went out on Sept. 4th and a few more will go out this week. Some new additions will be made to the Press page as soon as reviews start poppin' up. More soon! -P


The CD has arrived!!! I've updated the MERCH page. You can now order CDs, shirts and other stuff through Paypal. Promos will be going out this week. Finally!!! We recorded this puppy in November 2003 and mixed it in February 2004, and it's now here for you to enjoy! -P


The CD has gone from the printer to the bindery and replicator. We expect it no later than next Friday. Sorry for the delays. I've been working on pre-production of one of my new tunes, "Elfland's Daughter", which was inspired by Lord Dunsany's fantasy novel The King of Elfland's Daughter. Lots of Thin Lizzy influence on this one. Among my new tunes are "Falcon" and "Corporate Whore".


A slight delay in printing and replication, but the CD should be arriving next week. Andrew's gone on another Ozzfest excursion. During this short break from jamming I've been working on arranging some songs. Plenty of new lyrics have been written in the past two months. We demoed one of Greg's songs, "Bad Scene" a while back, and I laid down vox for it a coupla weeks ago. Very pleased with the overall sound. A vast improvement over our 2003 Demo. Stay tuned! -P


A short wait left to go before the CD is back from printing, replication & packaging. Meanwhile, I've just added a guestbook to the site. Lookin' forward to hearing from some of you Falcon fans. -P

The CD goes out for replication and printing this week. You can see a JPEG of the cover by clicking here. Not much going on in the Falcon camp right now. Drummer Andrew is hitting the road again for work to cover Ozzfest starting on the weekend. We'd like to congratulate Darin and Pale Divine on their successful tour with Place of Skulls. Stay tuned for more info on the CD. -P


A huge thank you goes out to Fireball Ministry and crew for letting us play with them at the Malibu Inn on Friday 6/18. We had a blast jamming near the beach. I guess it was pretty fitting for Falcon to play on the coast, considering Cirith Ungol's history. Some of you die-hard Cirith Ungol maniacs might even have a bootleg tape of the band playing Santa Barbara in 1983. We wish the Fireball folks the best on their upcoming European tour!

The CD layout is coming along slowly but surely. This is the LAST bit of work before it's released in July. The CD won't be a mini-LP style package, but it'll have a 12 page booklet containing the complete lyrics and plenty of cool live photos. Rest assured, it will be out shortly. Best way to get the disc will be to order from US, as all funds will go directly to the band, but you should be able to order through Amazon and other avenues (including plenty of heavy rock and metal distributors both in the U.S. and Europe) once the disc is out and shipping.

Meanwhile, it's back to work on new material. Stuff we'll be jammin' on includes "Bad Scene" (one of Greg's old Ungol tunes, formerly known as "Tight Teen"), "Elfland's Daughter" (one of my newer efforts inspired by the Irish fantasist Lord Dunsany's novel THE KING OF ELFLAND'S DAUGHTER), "Careless" (my straightforward heavy rocker about being in the music biz), "Show You All" (another one by Greg that Cirith Ungol had on their self-released "orange" demo cassette in 1978 and "Flesh Dart" (Cirith Ungol's '70s live mainstay, which used to showcase a long drum solo by our pal Rob Garven).

Heavy Rockin' Regards,



It's confirmed: we'll be opening for Fireball Ministry this Friday (6/18) at the Malibu Inn Bar & Restaurant. Please come rock out with Falcon on the coast! As always, check the SHOWS page for details. We'd also like to thank all of you who made it out to Zen last Saturday for the gig w/Sasquatch, Shakey Mallard & Biblical Proof of UFOs. Cheers to all three bands for makin' it a killer night--especially to Sasquatch for offering the gig to us.


You can download and print the discount flyer for our 6/12 gig at Zen on the SHOWS page. Only $5 with the flyer. The CD layout is coming along. Hoping to have it done within the next two weeks. Another possible show is in the works. We'll know soon if we've got it or not. We're lookin' forward to playin' for all you SoCal heavy rockers again!

It looks as if Doomed Planet will not be releasing Falcon on vinyl as previously thought, but we're sure we'll find another label either in the U.S. or Europe to license the LP to. -P


Some minor updates to the look of the main page. Also, in BIGGER news, there are 5 new MP3 song clips, all taken from our debut album, are available for download on the AUDIO page. Check 'em out! You'll also notice that Andrew's profile has been added to the site. I expect to be adding some pix to his page soon. -P


Happy to announce we have a show booked for Saturday, June 12th at Zen in Silverlake, CA with our heavy rockin' bros Sasquatch, Shakey Mallard & Biblical Proof of UFOs!!! See the shows page for full info. Waiting to get the mastered CD in the mail any day now, and the CD layout is starting to take shape. More news to come. -P


Been meaning to give you a quick update for several days. We're putting plans in motion to release the self-titled first Falcon album ourselves on CD. Artwork is done. We're sifting through photos to make our picks for the cover and lyric insert. The package will be a special "mini-LP" style gatefold. Talks are underway with Doomed Planet Records to release the album on vinyl simultaneously with our self-pressed CD. Lots of updates to come in the weeks ahead. Please stay tuned... -P


We had a blast playin' at Spaceland in Silverlake, CA on 3/17. Thanks again to Greg Anderson from Southern Lord and our pals in Earthride for gettin' us on the bill. Also thanks to Family Butcher for playin' with us—and all of the folks who made it down to the gig. The album is going to be mastered shortly. We're not ruling out releasing the album ourselves, but we've sent discs to a couple of labels before we make our final decision. We won't be waiting long to decide. I'll be workin' on new material with Greg while Andrew is away on a business trip for a couple of weeks. Looking forward to more shows soon!


The latest news about the 3/17 gig with Earthride is that Alfredo Hernandez's new band Family Butcher will be playing instead of Yawning Man. Yesterday I transfered all files except the MP3 clips to the Falcon server, which should make the site run smoother. The MP3 clips will be updated and switched over to the new server soon. -P


Thanks to thank all the SoCal locals who came out to see us at Paladino's on Friday night. We're looking forward to seeing all of you again on St. Patrick's Day (Wed. 3/17) at Spaceland for the Earthride & Yawning Man gig. Just got a CD-R of Bobby Liebling singing On the Slab, and I have to say that I was blown away by his performance—and I hope you'll feel the same way when you hear it. We're talking to Metal Coven Records (Germany) about the possibility of a Falcon/Ogre split 7" single for you vinyl maniacs out there. We're sending out a last few packages to labels to see if anyone's interested in putting the album out. As I said before, there's already an interested party for releasing the album on vinyl. News will be posted as soon as it's confirmed. We don't wanna count our chickens before they hatch. -P


Another show is booked. We're opening for Earthride & Yawning Man at Spaceland in Silverlake, CA, on Wed. 3/17. Check the shows page for details. Falcon shirts, buttons and guitar picks are here. Check the merch page (it should be up within the next few days). Bobby from Pentagram recorded vocals for "On the Slab" last Thursday. We should be getting a CD-R of it by next week. Chris Kozlowski sez it's killer, and I believe him! We're in the midst of talking to a label about releasing the Falcon album on vinyl. More on that as the info becomes available. Fasten your seatbelts! -Perry


Just back from Maryland. A couple of tiny parts were tracked (I redid my solo for "Downer," Greg tracked his keys for 3 songs and Greg kicked ass on the little percussion instrument known as the cabasa!!!). All tracks are mixed except one. We weren't quite satisfied with my vocals on "On the Slab," so the possibility of having Bobby Liebling from Pentagram guest on vox on that song was brought up by Chris Kozlowski. I left lyrics and a short note for Bobby before departing for Cali. Bobby phoned yesterday and we had a good talk about "On the Slab." We're honored to have Bobby workin' with us on this one and expect to have the track finished up in about another week. Really lookin' forward to this one, as it's dedicated to Thin Lizzy bassist/singer Phil Lynott, a big hero to Bobby and the Falcon dudes.

Live photos from our gig at the Foxx Club from 1/27/04 will be up shortly. Thanks a lot for snappin' 'em, Kurt! Some short MP3 clips, t-shirts, buttons and stickers are coming soon. -P


Photos from soundcheck on 1/27/04 are now up. Thanks again, Tony O.!!! -P


A big FALCON thank you goes out to all the folks who showed up at our gig last night at The Foxx Club (Johnny Foxx's). It was fun to finally bring Falcon to the stage, and we look forward to doing a lot more shows in the future. Special thanks to Tony for being our roadcrew for the night and to Smoke for filling in for Sasquatch at the last minute and keepin' it a heavy rockin' raw evening! In just over two weeks we'll be on our way to mix in Maryland. Remind us to bring our thermal underwear, people. It's cold out there! Hope to see some of you at Paladino's in Tarzana on Friday, March 5th. -P


We have booked another Falcon gig for Friday, March 5th at Paladino's out in the good ol' San Fernando Valley. Check the SHOWS page for details. Lots of stuff goin' on with Falcon in the weeks and months to come. Hoping to have some t-shirts and stickers soon. -P


The gig at Johnny Foxx's (The Foxx Club) in West Los Angeles is ON! Kind of a warm-up for us. The show is on Tuesday, Jan. 27th, and we go on EARLY. So get there around 8:30 if you plan on checkin' us out. Flights and studio time are locked in for mixing and mastering the album. We'll be doing that 2/18-2/21. We really appreciate everyone's patience. The distance involved meant we had to wait a couple of months before returning to Maryland.

My friend (and the man responsible for most of the early Pentagram band photos from the '70s) Cameron Davidson dropped me a quick email to say he's located his missing pal, Penta-guitarist Vincent McCallister! Awesome to hear Vincent is still among the living.


Sorry for the delay in updating the news. We've been busy getting back to rehearsals with Andrew in L.A. Pleased to note that we've worked up nice, long live set to play for all you heavy rock freaks. We took a little time off to clear our ears after returning from Maryland. Made some notes on what to do in the mix. Now we'll be scheduling the mixing and mastering for mid February if all goes well. Unless we hear back from the promoter, we won't be rescheduling the Johnny Foxx's gig, but we will be booking a Southern California show as soon as possible.

Me and Greg have both added some gear to our profile pages. I bought a Gibson SG Standard and replaced one of my Mesa/Boogie amps with a Marshall 1959SLP 100 Watt (Plexi) head. Vintage guitar fans take note. -Perry

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